1st BIOMOTIVE Stakeholder Group meeting

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The EU project BIOMOTIVE celebrated its 1st Stakeholder Group meeting welcoming a diverse group of distinguished members ready to listen and participate in the lively discussion in Brussels last 28th June 2018. This group aims to pave the ground towards the market penetration of bio-based automotive interior parts produced thanks to a real pragmatic discussion with key industry representatives.

After a short introduction about the goals and latest developments in BIOMOTIVE, the debate focused on the challenges and expectations of the manufactures and vehicles assemblers in Europe regarding the final real application of bio-based materials. Although many relevant topics were touched upon, particular emphasis was placed on the balance between the market inertia blocking the entrance of new materials and its interest in becoming a more sustainable innovative sector. Therefore, ensuring a good understanding of the technical and economic performance of these materials is vital to moving forwards into the future vehicle industry. Topics such as a trustful global Life-Cycle-Analysis to assess environmental impacts of the whole process, including the production, life and recyclability of these products, and more specific technical requirements, such as flame retardant characteristic and aesthetic concerns were discussed.

Fortunately, to get some answers to the above mentioned market concerns, BIOMOTIVE partners continues their deep involvement in the project’s activities to achieve the bets results for a more sustainable greener transport sector.

We look forward to celebrate the 2nd Stakeholder Group meeting, where more answers and questions will be on the table!

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