Project Progression

The BIOMOTIVE project spans nine Work Packages (WPs).


WP1 focuses on developing the chemical and biotechnological processes required for raw material production, i.e. vegetable oils and biobased building blocks.

WP2 covers the development of the novel process for producing regenerated fibres from paper-grade wood pulp.

WP3 addresses the chemical processes for converting the raw materials from WP1 and WP2 into bio-based prepolymers through innovative processes

WP4 will demonstrate the feasibility of scaling up production of biobased building blocks regenerated fibres, bio-based PU foams and 2k PU foams, as well bio-based PU foams and 2k PU foams reinforced with natural fibres.

WP5 will validate the obtained raw materials into final applications: bio-based TPUs and reinforced TPUs for automotive interior parts, bio-based PU foams and reinforced PU foams for automotive seats, regenerated fibres for technical textiles for automotive seats. New markets outside the automotive sector will be also assessed.

WP6 will foresee the techno-economic assessment of the demonstrated processes as well as lifecycle analysis to assess environmental and social sustainability. It will also define the strategy and measures for standardising the developed product and processes.

WP7 covers dissemination and exploitation activities, in order to promote the project’s results as widely as possible and to all relevant stakeholders, exchanging important feedback and comments on the expected outcomes, and to ensure that any intellectual property generated during the project will be properly managed and exploited.

WP8 is dedicated to managing and coordinating the BIOMOTIVE project. This will ensure the project meets all its commitments on time and on budget, that common consortium activities are coordinated and that administrative, financial and contractual management are addressed efficiently. It will also provide for effective communication between the project management and the European Commission and the BBI-JU.

WP9 will have responsibility for ensuring that the BIOMOTIVE project complies with all its ethical obligations.